This is often portrayed as one of the most complicated parts of producing a website. It is actually quite simple.
If you follow Google’s recommendations (which is what we do) and use a bit of common sense then your website will normally appear in the major search engines within a few days of being launched.

Search Engine Optimisation

How high up the rankings your web site appears depends on a number of factors. It’s mainly influenced by the way the website has been produced (we take care of this), the content of your web site and the products you sell. It can also be influenced by other factors (for example the number of external links pointing to your site) and some only the search engine engineers are privy to.

Be warned that any quick fix methods using dodgy ‘black hat’ techniques will only give short term gains but will eventually be found out and penalized or worse still, your site will be removed from the search engine listings.

We also specialise in more advanced search engine optimisation (eg. keyword analysis, link building etc) and search engine marketing (eg Google Adwords). If you are interested in these services please let us know when asking for a quote.

Whenever employing a third party to ‘optimise’ your website, always check their credentials (or contact us if you’re unsure about anything). Just remember, if it sounds too good to be true – it probably is!