www.lawsonokereke.com – Lawson Okereke Ministries
www.alberthagan.org – Albert Hagan Ministries
www.calomi.org – Country Alliance on Mental Illness – Supporting mentally challenged individuals from all walks or life but concentrating its efforts on the Ghanaian populace
www.afacons.com – An Accounting and Tax Consultancy Group
www.lightghana.com – A premium research, strategic intelligence and advisory services in global enterprises projections as well as customizing intelligence assessments towards strategic planning and critical investment decisions
www.hilltonstudycentre.com – A language and International Test Centre for accredited language testing centres
www.hilltonielts.com – Ghana Premier IELTS Test Destination
www.aivolgroup.com – An AIVOLGROUP of companies’ brand
www.aivolgroup.co.uk – Aivol UK brand
www.acts.aivolgroup.org – Aivol Centre for Training and Skills, UK. A subsidiary of the AIVOL Brand
www.lieselangeltrust.org – A UK based Charity for providing help to terminally ill children
www.pastoralconnections.com – A portal for supporting Pastors across the globe with esoteric knowledge and day-to-day ethical issues surrounding the pastoral work, evangelism and how they can be addressed.
www.servicorpghana.com – An E-commerce platform for MarketExpress Ghana Agent
www.jewins.org – An NGO supporting orphans and underprivileged women and Children
https://travel.alrotec.co.uk – An Alrotec Travel Website for Tickets and Prize comparisons
https://affiliates.alrotec.co.uk – An Affiliate portal for the Alrotec Solutions allowing members promoting the Alrotec brand to make money online by referring people for commissions.
https://jobs.alrotec.co.uk – A job portal for Alrotec allowing members to find jobs across the length and breadth of Ghana and the diaspora.
https://alrotec.co.uk – Alrotec Solutions website
https://music.alrotec.co.uk – Alrotec Entertainment Music Portal for DJs, Sound Engineers and Recording Artist with Event Management and Ticketing Support.
www.alrotec.co.uk/classifieds – A classifieds portal for Alrotec Solutions
www.alrotec.co.uk/techsupport – A fully blown ticket based support system for all candidates
www.alrotec.co.uk/studentforum – Alrotec Student Forum to support registered students
https://learn.alrotec.co.uk – Alrotec E-learning Online Portal for Alrotec Training
https://bblearn.alrotec.co.uk – Blackboard Learning Facility for Online and Distance Learners
https://vle.alrotec.co.uk – Virtual Learning Environment for Alrotec Solutions
https://acw.alrotec.co.uk – The Alrotec Certified Webmaster Community website
https://realty.alrotec.co.uk – Alrotec Real Estates and Property website for promoting Real Estate Developers
https://seo.alrotec.co.uk – Alrotec Solutions SEO Tools and Analysis website for website lead generators and Search Engine marketers allowing them to do SEO monitoring and site linking strategies.
https://crypto.alrotec.co.uk – Alrotec Solutions Crypto Currency Training Platform for Newbies
Currently under development
www.hfpministries.org – Holy Fire Prophetic Ministries Church Portal and Streaming
www.icapp.org.uk – Portal for International Centre for Praying Parents,
https://pm.alrotec.co.uk – project management portal for clients providing realtime updates for our clients
https://scholars.alrotec.co.uk – portal for research scholars
https://tour.alrotec.co.uk – tour Ghana website
https://fashion.alrotec.co.uk – fashion planet for Alrotec Solutions
https://auto.alrotec.co.uk – car rental and sales

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