Other than being the most important search engine, Google offers a number of fantastic services to help monitor and promote your website. Most of these are free to use. Here are a few of the best:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to your website. It shows you how people found your site, how they explored it, and how you can enhance their visitor experience. With this information, you can improve your website return on investment, increase conversions, and make more money on the web. It offers a huge amount of information and can be accessed directly by logging in to Google or via an automatic emailed monthly report. All our websites include free Google analytics integration.

What is Google Adwords?

If you’ve ever searched on Google and seen a column of sponsored links just to the right of your search results, that’s AdWords. It’s separate from the search rankings, and lets you advertise to just the people you want to reach.

How does Google AdWords work?

Choose a few search terms related to your website or business, plus your daily budget and the amount you’re willing to pay when someone clicks. When potential visitors search one of your terms, your ad may appear next to the search results.

What if I only want to target a specific area?

Target your neighbourhood; a particular town, region, or country; or the whole world, if you like. Only people in the areas you specify will see your ad.

What if I decide to pause my campaign?

You can pause your campaign at anytime, and start up again whenever you like. A simple click turns your campaign on and off. There’s no obligation or commitment, when your advertising budget is over, whether or not to continue and spend more money is up to you.

How much does it cost?

That’s your call. With AdWords, you get complete control over what to spend. You get to choose your bid price (how much you’re willing to pay when someone clicks on your ad) as well as the most you want to spend on a daily basis. The higher your bid price and budget, the more often people will see your ads. You can change either setting at anytime. We also offer FREE google adwords vouchers with most hosting accounts – please contact us for details.

Google Places (now part of Google+) – Millions of people search Google Maps every day. A free listing on Google Maps makes it easy for them to find you. It allows you to update and manage your physical business location information. This information can be used to update your business listing so that it appears correctly within Google Maps and associated Google web pages. All google websites include free Google Places registration.

Google Location Maps – Detailed Google location maps can be integrated with your site to allow web users to see your exact location. It also allows them to zoom in, see satellite views and street views if available.

Google Webmaster Tools – Google Webmaster Tools provides a free and easy way
to make your website more Google-friendly. See your website the way Google sees it:

• View which of your pages are included in Google’s index

• See any errors encountered while crawling your site

• Find search queries that list your site as a result

• Find out which sites link to yours

• Submit XML sitemaps detailing all of the pages on your website

Google Webmaster Tools can be used by anyone with a website, no matter how big or small. We will set

Google Sitemaps – Sitemaps are a way to tell Google about pages on your site that theymight not otherwise discover. In its simplest terms it’s a list of the pages on your website. Creating and submitting a Sitemap helps make sure that Google knows about all the pages on your site. It’s a very important part of search engine optimisation.

YouTube was aquired by Google in 2006. While most of us have visited YouTube to laugh at the funny videos or the viral videos, did you know that businesses often use YouTube to market their business and provide information for their customers? There are many benefits of YouTube – and you simply need to know how to use them to help your business succeed.