Content Management Systems allow you to easily update your website via a web browser.
There is no need to install software on your computer so your websites can be updated from
anywhere (including compatible smart phones and iPads).

We offer a wide variety of solutions for content management, from simple systems that allow
you to update text and images, to more advanced product management and e-commerce applications.
We can also set up systems that automate certain tasks, for example archiving a news article or
removing a product when it reaches a certain date.

We will be happy to advise you on the best options for your particular business or project.

Costs can vary widely depending on the requirements so please get in touch with us for more details.

Can I transfer the website/CMS to another hosting company?

In most cases yes – as long as the server is compatible with the particular CMS used. We will advise and assist you if you would like to change hosts at any time.

Please be aware: Some companies will only give you the option of hosting your CMS on their servers. This means that you are tied into their service, which can be very expensive, and if you decide to leave you may lose your website and have to have it reproduced. Please check when having a website / CMS built that you can host it on a web host of your own choice. If you can’t then our advice is to steer clear.